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Highly integrated, high Power TVS for POE


WS58EC-B-3H TVS product, characterized with highly integration, high power, low clamping voltage and high reliability, is a three-channel integrated over voltage protection components. One component can realize three-channel CM(common mode)&DM(difference mode) protection, any clamping voltage value between two leads is identical. 

Application is POE interface CM&DM protection.


  • Package size equal to SMC, save 2/3 PCB layout area comparing to traditional three sing-chip solution.
  • Operating Voltage between any two leads is 58V (customized is available).
  • Surge ability is 6KV (10/700μs ,40Ω)/4KV(10/700μs, 18.125Ω).
  • Clamping voltage<90V(6KV 10/700μs, 40Ω),typ.77V.