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LED Expo 2018, BC&EC Mumbai

May 10,2018- May 12,2018 Mumbai, India News Center

LED Expo,co-organized by Messe Frankfur, has recognized the industry potential and has identified it as a futuristic technology which will take the lighting industry by storm.

WAYON Booth Information: HALL 6 Booth No. F47

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At the beginning of May 2018, CYG WAYON exhibited the latest generation Mosfet in the 2018 LED EXPO Mumbai. During the Expo, there are endless stream of visitors to visit the booth.
Following the introduction of the second generation (WM*C2) with lower Rdson and better Qg Peformance, CYG Way-on launched their latest generation M3 Mosfet in this Expo, which is more customized and cost-effective. This is specialized for 800V high voltage application market, and named as WM***N80M3.
(more information, please see the website  )
In this LED Expo, CYG Way-on is the only exhibitor with the theme of Super Junction MOSFET. Referring to the daily visitors, we can see that Wayon’s MOSFET already captured the India LED market in a way.
Wayon will keep developing more high-tech&innovated products with higher efficiency and smaller package to meet customer’s specific requirements.

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