General Thyristor


Main Application:
Data lines and security systems,
CATV line amplifiers and power inserters,
Sprinkler systems,
T-1/E-1, ISDN, and xDSL transmission equipment,
Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as phones, modems, and caller ID adjunct boxes,
PBX's and other switches,
Primary protection including main distribution frames, building entrance equipment and station protection modules.

VDRM: Stand-off voltage, is measured at IDRM

IDRM: Leakage current at VDRM

VBO: Breakover voltage, is measured at 100V/μs

IBO: Breakover current.

VT: On-state voltage.

IT: On-state current.

CO: Off-state capacitance.

IH: Holding current.

VBR: Breakdown voltage, is measured at 1mA.

Part No. VDRM(V) MAX IDRM(uA) MAX VBO(V) IH(mA) Co(pF) MAX IPP(A) Package Data sheet