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WAYON's VDMOSFET Is Coming for More Power Control

VDMOSFET is known as Vertical Double-diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. It has the advantages of high input impedance, fast switching speed, and good thermal stability. At the same time, VDMOSFETs have positive temperature coefficient and good current self-regulation ability. They are widely used in various fields such as adapters, LED driver power supplies, TV power supplies, industrial control, motor speed control, audio amplification, high-frequency oscillators, uninterruptible power supplies, energy saving lamps, inverters, etc.

In the design of VDMOSFETs, WAYON focuses on optimizing the conflict between voltage withstand and on-resistance, namely improving voltage withstand combined with low on-resistance, while reducing Qg and switching losses. WAYON's VDMOSFETs are designed to improve avalanche tolerance, broaden the safe operating area and thus increase versatility and durability. For high-reliability applications such as industrial control, WAYON has developed a high quality silicon nitride passivation layer process that significantly improves device reliability.

VDMOSFET Structure Diagram

Because of the larger chip size, the avalanche capability and ESD capability are more prominent and the EMI characteristics are better. Also, due to the maximum withstand voltage of 1700V, VDMOS is suitable for applications that do not pursue power density and are sensitive to system cost, such as LED power supplies, TV power supplies, charger adapters, industrial auxiliary power supplies, etc.


Characteristics and Voltage Range of MOSFETs with Different Structures

WAYON VDMOSFET Application Characteristics Test

1. For the LED power supply industry's high surge immunity requirements and the characteristics of electrolytic capacitor-free circuits, WAYON 650V VDMOFET is tested to meet IEC61000-4-5, ±4KV 1.2/50us test standards.


Single-stage PFC LED power supply surge protection circuit and 4KV surge test waveform
(Yellow Vgs, Green Vds, Blue Id)

2. ESD characteristics can simultaneously meet HBM ≥ 2KV, CDM ≥ 1KV, MM ≥ 200V.

800V VDMOSFET-ESD Third Party Test Report

WMJ3N150D1 with which of competitive products from abroad, RthJ-C of WAYON VDMOSFET (0.94K/W) is 16% smaller than the RthJ-C of competitive products (1.12K/W) under the same condition.


Thermal resistance test values of WMJ3N150D1 and competitive products (double interface method)

WAYON 500V-1500V VDMOSFET Product Series

Relying on the mature customer base of power and industrial control, WAYON has developed VDMOSFET products from 500V-1500V, with current covering 2A~40A and packages covering TO-251, TO-252, TO-262, TO-220/F, TO-247, TO-3PF. The products are tested for reliability according to industrial requirements and 100% EAS testing.

Power semiconductors as an important part of the power system, is one of the decisive factors to enhance energy efficiency. In the future, WAYON will develop more VDMOFET specifications and packages based on customer applications, eg. high voltage 800V, 1A specifications. To provide customers with more options to achieve the best combination of efficiency, power density and reliability in high performance efficiency conversion and high reliability applications.

Learn more about WAYON VDMOSFET products, please visit product center: https://www.way-on.cn/Product-Center/info-362.html