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Booster in the Field of Adapters -- WAYON Power Schottky Diodes


The Schottky diode, named after its inventor Dr. Schottky, is also known as the Schottky barrier diode. It is a multi-carrier device in which metal and semiconductor materials are in contact with each other and start operating after forming a certain barrier.

Thanks to the low forward voltage drop and high switching speed, Schottky diodes are widely used in a variety of scenarios. In this article, we will discuss the functions and advantages of Schottky diodes in the field of adapters.

WAYON Schottky package profile

Schottky Diode Features

The most important feature of Schottky diodes compared to PN junction diodes is the low forward conduction voltage and fast switching speed. Since its barrier height is lower than that of PN junction, the forward voltage drop is also much lower than that of PN junction diodes. In addition, Schottky barrier diode is a majority carrier conducting device, there is no minority carrier life and reverse recovery time problems. The reverse recovery time of Schottky is only the charging and discharging time of Schottky barrier capacitor, which is completely different from the reverse recovery time of PN junction diode. Also, since its reverse recovery charge is very small, the switching speed is very fast, so the switching loss is small.



Schottky Process Platform

Typical application scenarios for Schottky diodes in the adapter field

Power supply development is often a difficult process. Users expect the power supply to achieve high efficiency while remaining as small and compact as possible, and of course also be safe and reliable.

Schottky diodes, as high frequency with low voltage and high current rectifier diodes, current renewal diodes as well as protection diodes, are widely used in switching power supplies, inverters, drivers and other circuits.

In a PFC+Flyback or PFC+LLC circuit, the secondary rectifier diode, as an energy-consuming component, has high losses and generates high heat. Therefore, the selection of it is critical to the overall efficiency and reliability of the power supply. Schottky diodes are the best choice. Because under high speed and high current operating conditions, Schottky diodes have the characteristics of small forward voltage drop, small reverse leakage, and short reverse recovery time. In addition, the forward voltage drops and junction temperature of Schottky diodes show a negative temperature coefficient.





WAYON has developed and launched a series of planar Schottky and Trench Schottkywith voltage ranges from 45 to 200V. These devices enable a suitable trade-off between forward voltage drop and leakage current. Compared to other manufacturers' performance,WAYON’s leakage current levels are comparable and VF is smaller.


Parameter comparison (Ta=25℃)

国内同行Domestic counterparts


WAYON is increasing its investment in power Schottky products. Currently more than thirty devices are available for high volume shipment and several more devices are under sample evaluation. For a quicker selection, the table below shows the Schottky specifications commonly used by WAYON in adapter, TV or PC power supply applications:


维安型号:WAYON model