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High-precision slimming WAYON introducing new security current detection resistors

Resistors are indispensable components in our daily electrical lives. They can impede the current flow in a portion of a circuit based on demand, assisting us in using electricity rationally. In the resistor series, there is a type of resistor with special requirements, which mandates that it meets certain requirements for resistance value error and temperature stability, and that the error value is extremely small.

According to Ohm's law, this type of resistor, called the current sensing resistor (CSR), can achieve real-time monitoring of the current in the circuit by detecting the voltage across its two ends.


In recent years, CSRs have been applied to an increasing number of industries, including consumer electronics such as mobile phones and smart wearables, power tools with multiple batteries and components, mobile power equipment, adapters such as phone chargers, PD chargers, and car chargers, as well as domain controllers, communication modules, and other vehicular applications.

To meet the needs of integrated and flat circuit development, the trend for surface-mounted CSR is towards miniaturization, thinness, high reliability, high stability, and high power.

Product Overview


WAYON Pure Alloy Surface Mount CSR, Metal Low Resistor (MLR) series, uses imported alloy raw materials and jointly develops advanced processes with industry suppliers. The WAYON MLR series CSR has passed the testing and certification of leading domestic brand customers and can be benchmarked against international peers.

Product features and advantages:

● High precision (△R≤1%)

● Low resistance (1mΩ~20 mΩ)

● Low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR≤75ppm/℃)

● Thin and compact design (maximum thickness of 0.4mm)

● Multiple packaging options (0402~2512)

● Resistance alloy plate

● Multiple electrode types

● Excellent long-term reliability (1000h testing, △R≤1%)

● Compliant with AEC-Q200 standard

● Compliant with RoHS standard/non-halogen

● Anti-soldering layer meets UL94-V0 requirements

● Easy to assemble (suitable for surface mount technology)

Product Structure



Typical applications of single-section Li-ion BMS


Product Information


 Conventional electrodes


Wide  electrodes

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